About ATTA activated carbon

Shanxi ATTA Carbon technology Co.,Ltd devote ourselves to supply the activated carbon products,facilities and adsorption service to worldwide customers. Our product line cover coal based, wood based, coconut based and palm shell based activated carbon.They are widely cover the application area in water purification, air purification, industrial gas treatment, biogas treatment, food and beverage, gold extraction, sugar refining,super capacitor etc.

We have built 2 set of rotary and 2 set of SLEP in Ningxia China, 2 set of SLEP in Datong China.

Large storage center as well as the crush and milling process in Jiaocheng Shanxi.Meanwhile,we also set up a maceration workshop,specializing in various types of impregnation carbon,such as KOH,NaOH,KI etc. In the mean time, our long-term cooperative partner whoes located in Xinjiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, provide us with stable supply and product research and development experiments. Recently we have established stable cooperative relationships with palm and coconut based activated carbon manufacture in Philippines,Indonesia,India and California.

Relying on the professional and comprehensive activated carbon varieties, well-equipped testing laboratory, extensive environmental testing and technical solutions, we are committed to helping customers to solve high standard environmental purification requirements and public environmental problems, to quickly respond to various demands.

Our values:

Safety, responsibility, professionalism, innovation

Our philosophy:

We will pay the role of activated carbon and strive to promote the harmonious coexistence and sustainable development of human, social and earth environments and improve the living environment of human beings.

  • coal based granular carbon
    coal based granular carbon
  • coal based agglomerated carbon
    coal based agglomerated carbon
  • coal based pellet carbon
    coal based pellet carbon
  • coal based powder carbon
    coal based powder carbon
  • wood based powder carbon
    wood based powder carbon
  • wood based granular carbon
    wood based granular carbon

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